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At just 3 years old, Crystal King stepped on stage for the first time. Back then she was still known with her given name Crystal Wang. Her natural stage presence and comfort with an audience made it no surprise that she would one day become an incredible performer.

Crystal has always had a passion for music. She started piano lessons at 5 years old and found a natural connection. She soon found herself humming original tunes and making her own compositions. At 7 years old she started writing her own songs just for fun, but after a few years it became a true passion. When Crystal was 9 years old, she entered her first singing competition. As the only child in a room full of adults, there was an immense amount of pressure. However, after a lot of hard work, she ended up winning 3rd place and decided to start singing lessons. Crystal also has experience playing the guitar and the pipa, a Chinese Traditional Instrument. In fact she spent many years in NAYCO, the North American Youth Chinese Orchestra, where she played everything from traditional Chinese pieces to westernized music and won the Houston Young Artist Competition in 2013. Her background as a young girl paved the way for her musical future.

Over the years, Crystal has won many musical competitions including

  • 1st place of TMTA Young Artist Piano Competition 2011 and 2013

  • 1st place in The Voice of the Southern 2013

  • Winner of Texas Talent Competition and Top Model Competition in National American Miss 2014

  • Finalist of Houston Young Artist Competition

  • Semifinalist of 2015 and 2016 International Songwriting Competition

  • Semifinalist of 2016 Song of the Year

  • Winner of National Association of Teachers Singing Theatre Division 2017

  • Winner of US division of The Voice of China 2017

  • Finalist of 2017 UK International Songwriting Competition

  • Winner of Best Pop Song and Best Pop Live Performance in The Akademia Music Awards 2018

  • TMEA All-State Choir 2019

  • Asians in Music Songwriting Competition 2019

In 2014, Crystal stepped out of her comfort zone and performed an original song for the first time at a showcase. With all the support from that song, Crystal decided to continue recording demos of her originals. In 2015, Crystal released her first single, "Shattered Heart." Since then, she's also released many other singles including 2 songs available for a free download. In 2016, she released her debut album "Sincerely!" This album got a lot of recognition with songs placing in multiple songwriting competitions. Crystal's latest release is her EP "Anonymous.

Crystal currently attends Harvard University for her undergraduate degree and will participate in their 5 year Dual Degree Program with the Berklee College of Music to receive her masters degree.

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