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My EP "anonymous" is releasing on December 9th!

I'm so excited to share with you guys the 4 songs I'm releasing in this EP!
1. Hiding: This song was previously released during a Soundcloud Sunday last year in which I explained my experience with a friend who was afraid to open up his feelings. In this song I'm talking directly to his feelings and asking it to come out of hiding!
2. Save You: A few months ago, my cousin was passed away from cancer. When I visited him 2 summers ago in China, I saw the pain he and his family went through. This song was written from the perspective of my aunt and uncle who tried so hard to help their son ...


Attach'd, Sparrow, SXSW


As promised, here are some of the most important projects I was a part of this summer! I'm extremely proud and grateful for all of these opportunities and can't wait to see where they end up.

In June, I attended LaunchX Summer Student Entrepreneur Program at the University of Pennsylvania. I had a blast spending a month with so many creative, talented, intelligent students from across the world as well as working with tons of successful entrepreneurs, professors, and admirable business people. During my month there, I co-founded a company called attach'd, providing women with convenient and stylish ...



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